Need to Feel Your Love


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Kristin Barbu
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Kristin Barbu this is just a kickass song. Favorite track: Expect The Bayonet.
William Owens
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William Owens I saw Sheer Mag open for Power Trip and despite their vast differences, they both got my head swinging around and my body moving. These folks would have slayed Woodstock in the 1969. Favorite track: Turn It Up.
Zephyr Wadkins
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Zephyr Wadkins Pure, honest rock an roll. This'll make your bones move!

Read the album info. It says it all.

"However, it is in our ability to love - our primal human right to give and receive love - that the damage of such toxicity is newly explored.
Love is a choice we make. We ought not obscure, neglect, or deny that choice. "

Ps come to Seattle y'all <3
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A tear in the firmament.
Beyond the noxious haze of our national nightmare - as structures of social justice and global progress topple in our midst - there lies a faint but undeniable glow in the distance.
What is it?
Like so many before us we are drawn to the beacon. But only by the bootstraps of our indignation do we go so boldly into the dark to find it.
And so SHEER MAG has let the sparks fly since their outset, with an axe to grind against all that clouds the way. A caustic war cry, seething in solidarity with all those that suffer the brunt of ignorance and injustice in an imbalanced system.
Both brazen and discrete, loud yet precise, familiar but never quite like this - SHEER MAG crept up from Philadelphia cloaked in bold insignia to channel our social and political moment with grit and groove. Cautious but full of purpose.
What is it?
By making a music both painfully urgent and spiritually timeworn, SHEER MAG speak to a modern pain: to a people that too feel their flame on the verge of being extinguished, yet choose to burn a bit brighter in spite of that threat.

With their debut LP, the cloak has been lifted. It is time to reclaim something that has been taken from us. Here the band rolls up their sleeves, takes to the streets, and demands recompense for a tradition of inequity that's poisoned our world.
However, it is in our ability to love - our primal human right to give and receive love - that the damage of such toxicity is newly explored.
Love is a choice we make. We ought not obscure, neglect, or deny that choice.
Through the tumult and the pain, the camaraderie and the cause, the band continues to burn a path into that great beyond.
But where are we headed?
On NEED TO FEEL YOUR LOVE, they makes their first full-length declaration of light seen just beyond our darkness. Spoken plainly, without shame:
It is love.
This - is SHEER MAG.

Music by Sheer Mag
Produced by Hart Seely
Mixed by Hunter Davidsohn at Business District Recordings
Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering NYC
Released by Wilsuns Recording Company



released July 14, 2017


all rights reserved



SHEER MAG Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Meet Me In The Street
Smoke hangs in the air to the east of the river
And the truncheons are primed and keen to deliver

A reaction to glass smashed and fire on the wheels
They’re coming back with steel

When you nip at their heels they wanna come on strong
Nothing to do but to keep battlin’ on and on and on

So come on down and get in the mix
We get our kicks with bottles and bricks
When we walk together it feels alright

Meet me in the street

Seven blocks north of the avenue
We’re throwing rocks at the boys in blue

Sliver spoon suckers headed for a fall
And justice for all

They got the skeleton key to every door
Cant they help but to keep on taking more and more and more?

The lie is the law and no friend is the hand
That points and commands

In a bad way and out in the rough
We’re in the city just to tell them enough’s enough’s enough
Track Name: Need to Feel Your Love
Don’t you know it’s been such a long long time
Since I had you in my arms
And can’t you see that you’re someone
I’ve been trying to find

When I feel your hands pressed against my back
I can’t lie baby, I want you more than that

Thinking ‘bout times that we had
The good times and the bad
At the end of every line
You’ve been always on my mind
I give you just what you want
But I’m saying
Now you got to give me just what I need

And baby I need to feel your love
Baby I need to be a part of
Your everything
Maybe they say we’re too young
But that’s just fine
Cuz I’ve made up my mind

We both know that we’ve loved hard and we’ve lost
But I got to give it up
I’ve been holding back so much
But at what cost?

When I feel the sweat drippin’ down my neck
I can’t lie baby and I can’t be more direct

There was a time when my dreams were coming true
Our future is so unclear
Do you listen when my heart
Speaks to you

When I see the sun bend over the trees
If I lied baby that’d be all I ever need
Track Name: Just Can't Get Enough
When I'm miles away
Take me into your arms
I’m bound to stray
Where the headlights meet the dawn
But I got you on lock
Even when we’re in apogee
You’re the only thing that i need

My head’s spinnin’ from your love
and I just can’t get enough

When I blink my eyes
It’s written there in the stars
In grocery aisles
In the shade of a smoky bar
When the light comes slow
Don’t hang your head in defeat
Cause as far as i know
I ain’t never seen nothin’ so sweet
You’re the only thing that I need

I wanna run to you baby
I don’t wanna take too long
I get dizzy with you honey
Cause you keep me spinnin’ on
Track Name: Expect The Bayonet
From the sorrow we created
A fragile state of blood and whim
Made for rich men in their white skin
And people bolder than I
Stood up to the lie
That equality has left behind
But it leaves no doubt in my mind
And I been reading the news and you’ll surely regret
If you don’t give us the ballot
Expect the bayonet

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya
Cuz for every man high upon the hog
There’s a dogwood forest buried in the fog
How naked is your eye
And do you ever wonder why?
You’re being asked to recompense
You’re on the last leg of your defense
So you better atone
Or you’ll surely regret
And if you don’t give us the ballot
Expect the bayonet

When the name came down
I covered my ears afraid of the sound
But we got the power to take back our nights
Give up our silence and give up our time alone

We’re not on our own
Though violent minds hatch violent plans
For many it’s the only thing they understand
And when the dog whistle is ringing
It’s the currency that they deal in
So before the worlds been reduced to soot
SOLIDARITY for those underfoot
I better remind ya
Or you’ll surely regret
And if you don’t give us the ballot
Expect the bayonet
Track Name: Rank And File
Y’all can’t let me be alone tonight
I’m broken down and I’m not gonna be alright
I need someone to lean on
And something to glean from my strife

Remember back a few years ago?
We would line ‘em up but we didn’t have nothin’ to show
We passed the time
We was sluggin’ wine or colt

If you’ve fallen lonely on your cause
I got the rank and the file here to even the odds

If Johnny’s at the door won’t ya let em in
I rang him up but I don’t know where to begin
We need a taste of the action
We’re at 9th & jackson if you’re in

The sinning night has set my soul on fire
As long as we’re out we might as well drink a while
Am I losin’ or winning?
I just keep on forgetting… meanwhile

When I’m on the mend it makes the difference to lend
The fist inside of the glove
And no matter what they say they can’t take away
The honesty of our love
Track Name: Turn It Up
Right down to the laces
You got me pegged
At least that’s what you think
If you mind your own business I’ll pay you no mind
But don’t ask forgiveness
Please don’t waste my time

Before you get smart
Listen to me
Now I got a bone to pick
Cuz I hear you snicker behind my back
Keep it to yourself
We’ll see who gets the last laugh

Oh I gotta go now
Down to the end of the bar where the music’s loud

Do me a favour turn it up
That’s a little bit better baby
But it isn’t enough
Can’t ya turn it up oh yeah

You’re dead in the eyes
And gone to the world
I think you should take it slow
You tell me drinkin will ruin my life
Well give yourself a break
And take your own advice

Wastin’ my time
Runnin’ your mouth
Nothing’s gonna bring me down
I just can’t stand to hear you talk
Tellin’ me nonsense
I think that I’m better off

Turn it up
Don’t turn it down
And don’t even think
About touching my records now

I want more
And more & more and more
Track Name: Suffer Me
The streets outside were stained
At the stonewall on June 28th
Blood runs cold into the gutters
And into the drain

There’s a fear you can’t define
There’s no peace and there’s no crime
In living this way
So add a bead to your rosary
And say a prayer
You’ve got to suffer me

Suffer me
You got to let me be
And keep me outta your fantasy
Can you give me that one luxury
Yeah yeah yeah

As they walked, they locked their stride
And the night sticks swung right by their side
They jeered and they muttered
Yet to be defied

By the time the dawn had broke
The city coughed and slowly woke
And there was one less boot
Pressing down on one less throat
Track Name: Pure Desire
Just pure desire in my body now
I get hypnotized when the record spins around
I spend my money and take my time
You call my bluffs but I don’t mind a thing

The moon was wet
We listened on cassette
The streets were still
We stared at them until
The sun bled out
But I don’t have a doubt
You said my name
It was golden and without shame

Don’t you crave the rush
The jolt when we touch
You know I hanker on
‘Til the rousing of the dawn
It’s all because you’ve piqued the

Pure desire in my body now
When I hear the music play I wonder how
You hear my worries and still refuse
To break your gaze you break the rules for me

The light was dim
We drank my flask of gin
We danced all night
No disco ball in sight
The rhythm soothes
It puts me in the mood
And on my bed
You took my hand and said

It’s not
I need you more every day

Hold on
To me
I can’t stand to be away
Track Name: Until You Find The One
I followed the lines on my palm
I followed them but they were all wrong
You want to have but not keep
Try as I might, I still dream

Once there was a garden and fruit plump with lust
But everythings ground to dust
For crying out loud
I got nothing here to show for
I’m caught in the brambles without cure

The anemone is growing back
Drinking deep from the brackish spring
You treat me like your bird, your bird, your bird who sings
So tell me just one thing

Who is it that you’re waiting on
Who am i to be dragged along
I guess I’ll just keep hanging on
‘Til you find the one

I’ve been looking for a well that’s running dry
Can you hear the bells ring?
You treat me like your bird, your bird, your bird who sings
So tell me just one thing
Track Name: Milk And Honey
In a dream I hear you call my name
We pass like ships in the night
Cut from the vine
Cut like shadows out of time

‘Tween the grapes with a jug of wine
I hear your voice on the breeze
Rustling the leaves
Drunken tears for the sown seeds

By the time that I wake up
I wanna run on down to you and tell you now how i’m straight up
But you’ve gone away, and it’s kinda funny
So I lay right down and dream of milk and honey
Oh boy

I can still remember how we were
But the colors dulled in the wash
Like the creep of moss
Covering up something lost

Riding around in your old car
Drive it into the sea
Just you and me
Barefeet and spinning wheels
Track Name: Can't Play It Cool
I don’t pity the cowards trial
I know what it’s like to be hung up for more than a while
Tell me where do the lonely go?
Where do you turn when the nights have gotten so cold
When the tears are starting to flow
And you’ve only got a pillow to hold

I’ve been losing track of the time
I’ve been pacing the room, I’ve been wrestling with my mind
It says there ain’t no love in vain
We all do what we can to keep living to keep despite the pain
In a world that’s going insane
I’m just trying to find a way to explain
Oh yeah

I don’t just play the part
I can’t play it cool
Silence don’t mend a broken heart
I can’t play it cool
Oooh oooh oooh

We’re desperate by design
But just you wait, I got a situation in mind
And just when I’m about to fold
I feel it coming, I feel it taking control
And I can’t do what i’ve been told
And I won’t buy what i’ve been sold
Track Name: (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl
The sun was shining in the bitter cold of the second month
White petals falling to the bedrock of the atrium
For a fever dream, there’s a balm inside of a paper cup
It’s written down, but first you gotta stop and pick it up

The walls were closing in the night
And it’s a long darkness
When fear snuffs out the only light

It seems so strange
The blind constrictions and nascent pain
The contradiction from where we came
When blue eyes can’t see the whole

Say goodbye to Sophie Scholl
Don’t forget your White Rose

Memory is scarred like a burning brand put to livestock
And in the thoughts we share, there’s a monument to the landmark
There’s a psychic gash, there’s a chasm that serves to set apart
But the pain is real and it’s thrust like a dagger through the heart

What does it mean?
Another head for the guillotine
Death delivered by death machine
The blade must have been cold

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