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boy you know that im leavin but I just got nowhere to go and i'm passed out here on the bedroom floor and you know I still remember all the times bitter and tender you dont wanna deal with me i'm still here and I shouldnt be i'm still here what you want whatta you want me to do so indecisive like me i can be anything that you want me to be lock me up yeah you got the key lock me up how can you still deny these feelings I cannot retire im holding on with my fingertips all night long on a one way trip all night long
SIT & CRY 02:09
sittin’ out in the breeze. jar of whiskey, skinny lizzy; that’s all i need. and i, i don’t wanna talk about nothin’ and i don’t need much just to get me somethin’ all i do is just sit and cry. livin’ in the city and i don’t know why. doin’ nothin’ but strugglin’ to get by. 85’ pickup truck and a hound dog pup right by my side. at least ten boys can fit in the back and i know a few more wanna take that ride. all i do is just sit and cry. livin’ in the city and i don’t know why. doin’ nothin’ but strugglin’ to get by. all i do is just sit and cry. all i can do is just sit and cry.
in the light of the day we're whistlin dixie walkin down the street seeing nothing but gray my vice is running out of steam if my intentions are good and its still fucked up well what does it mean no point the streets are changin a white breeze is blowing through them no point the buildings changing I want some way to live in the dead of night this town is coming up bright lights which way to the fire? There's a brick through OCF and i'm walking by myself
I been workin hard my whole life I been fightin tooth and nail just to take whats mine I came in from the water grew up in the grain now i'm livin in the city and i'm goin insane when you're passin me by well I can drink from the river til the ocean runs dry I been sober as a judge and my momma tole me how to hold a grudge she gave me hard lovin baby and im hard on you its the only thing I know how to do little boy I can see in the dark I can breathe underwater i'ma leave my mark by the time you find out i'll be down in the flames i'm in every city you will know my name so dont be shy I been drinkin whisky I gotta twinkle in my eye now listen here babe i'm gonna sock it to ya til the end of my days
That's the man you gotta give it to we pay him our rent to have a hole in our roof and when our neighbors burned it was only because of telephone cords Trash on sidewalks, broken windowpanes, the pipes are leaking they ain't gonna fix it 'til it's too far gone they're gonna wash us away we've got to say you've got to fan the flames you've got to stand up and break the chains make a plan and demand what the damage pays fan the flames in the dark and the bitter cold they're freezing us out, it's as good as gold between the vacant homes are fancy doorbells wrapped with ribbon and bow getting hard to stay in tune the boys are getting me down, i'll be staying in my room but when the yuppies push us out the boys are picking me up and sticking around that's the man you gotta give it to time and time again he plays us for a fool and when our neighbors burned the realtors shook hands with their backs turned
oh baby, gotta get out the map, i'm somewhere down I can't find I been watchin the clock anyplace but not the right time yeah and under the sun lace up my boots and go on gotta strike the match let it burn when all the smoke was clearing out oh yeah, I was on my own. I ain't coming home to you. I was born to roam the streets Yeah They say a man lives in chains but he is born free he's born free I was in the thick of it, boy, I was in the pines I followed a crippled creek back to the source and I went inside And now i'm inside the days been growing stranger I been holdin' up fists of rage and I need a change But you been getting lazy this time I got you dead to rights and i'm ready to fight
Been trying for the heart of me you know we ain't livin' up on easy street if you need a friend, lord knows I been down'n'out again and again who will fall? And who's gonna answer when they get that call? So hold it close, keep it safe I know that you'll be with us when we make them pay I see you and I know what's at stake You see me and you know we can't wait like so many before us, we find ourselves one with the history behind us and once again with the rich and the cops against us where ya gonna be in a year or two? I'm not gonna let 'em get the best of you it's not too late but what you're gonna do, that's up for debate whose side are you on? The factory wheels'll keep spinnin along it ain't cut and dried and it never will but the fightin' baby that's half of the thrill
when you see something that makes you sick do you button up or do you bleed? Well I don't claim to know what's right but I can see there's a growing need at what point is enough enough and do I walk away? I'm taking time whatever I do i'm working hard whatever I do with you I know they don't like the way that I walk don't like the way that I talk don't like the clothes that I wear don't like the way that I cut my hair I won't bow my head to another man I won't bite my lip and curtsy what's binding us together ain't no common sense or decency and my name will be on your lips on your dying day you don't know who you're tanglin with i'm a bad bitch if I please i've done it before and i'll do it again I brought many a man to his knees i'll look you in the eyes and tell you what I gotta say
Paloma walks home at night from the maquiladora and 8 days later, no one has saw her sometimes she worked late don't that tell ya just whats at stake we can't stop fighting at home, my sister, she told me a story and at the end, there was no Grace or glory just the trial of a man with no motive for for where he stands all my life I've felt the eye of the catcall we're striking back baby, and you can find me in the vanguard you say you don't understand i can see the blood, it's on your hands
why can't i take you home when i need you? when i get you on your own i can't figure it out you won't talk to me tell me what is up cuz lately i've been feelin' not good enough so i wrote you a letter to tell you how i feel you won't read it though you don't wanna know but at least i tried and the time we had was worth the tears that you made me cry i won't be afraid and i'll never forget the good lovin' that we made well your stubbornness reveals itself but you ain't coming back jack i won't do it again even if i want to but it is so sad i mourn only for the love that we used to have can't live in the past while the world moves on but i still think about ya and you oughta know
it's plain to see these days that theres an agitation we live and we die by a politics of simplification so hold fast to the ones you love before theyre ripped away we do what we like and they call us an abomination they rigged the game and they say were a contamination but what if we could stand together and make it stark the night isn't bright the night isn't bright its dark we'll be gettin' it together or we're tearing ourselves apart everything we do they do their best to just repeal it they got a hatred for us you know they can barely conceal it but what if we could band together and leave our mark
I can't contain myself when im looking at you i don't wanna dance with nobody else but i gotta know do you want me too? i get a jolt when our eyes meet that i can't understand i wanna feel the midnight heat and my stomach drop when you take my hand i've got a tender heart and i'm trusting you don't make me feel like a fool from the start but where've you gone why can't you dance with the one that you brought treat me the way i deserve? i gave you my love but it's all for naught cause you don't know just what i'm worth i'm nobodys baby i'm nobodys girl i can't tell which is worse never having known or wanting you so bad that it hurts what's on your mind? you don't


Compilation of I,II,&III.


released January 1, 2017


Physical copies for sale at wilsunsrc(dot)bigcartel(dot)com


ian, tina, hart, kyle, matt,

recorded at the nuthouse and clownhouse II by hart seely
mixed at business district recording by hunter davidsohn
mastered by josh bonati
art and insert by sheer mag
music and lyrics by sheer mag
poster photo by marie lin
wholesale contact: ebullition.com or midheaven.com



all rights reserved



SHEER MAG Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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