A Distant Call


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Fuzzrious Simple and precise beats, this sound really enchanted me and brought an air of nostalgia from a time I wish I had lived in the past! Nice vocals in this songs, right on guys! Favorite track: Steels Sharpens Steel.
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SammyWo SHEER MAG performs as SHEER MAG
sidney g
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sidney g This band only gets better and better. Every time I've seen Sheer Mag live they've played a badass set but with almost no stage conversation -- I've always been curious to know more about Christina, and this album answered that. She makes space for fat women in rock & roll and the punk scene to rock as hard as they want. I've loved hearing her show off her vocal harmonic talent and let us in on her personal experiences more on this album. Perfect 80's rock shreds too. My favorite band by far. Favorite track: The Right Stuff.
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ytsejammr97 Tight, poppy arena-bar rock. Fuckin solid Favorite track: The Killer.
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released August 23, 2019

Christina Halladay- Vocals
Kyle Seely- Lead Guitar/Drums
Hart Seely- Bass
Matt Palmer- Rhythm Guitar

Recorded by Hart Seely and engineered by Kyle Seely
at 7th Avenue Freeze Out in Deruyter, NY

Vocal tracking and mixing by Arthur Rizk
at Creep Studios in Philadelphia, PA

Mastered by Josh Bonati in Brooklyn, NY

Synth on “Blood from a Stone” performed
by Alki Meimaris

Backup vocals on “Blood from a Stone” and
“Hardly to Blame” performed by Matt Palmer

Backup vocals on “Steel Sharpens Steel” and “The Killer” performed by Kyle Seely, Hart Seely, Matt Palmer and Arthur Rizk

Narrative concept by Christina Halladay and Matt Palmer

Lyrics by Matt Palmer

Album cover by Robert Beatty

All other art by Sheer Mag

Photos by Marie Lin


all rights reserved



SHEER MAG Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BOOKING: timmy@groundcontroltouring.com

EURO PRESS: liv@onebeatpr.com

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Track Name: Steels Sharpens Steel
In the dark, in the burning forge
Sparked by the funeral pyre
I was smouldering in the cauldron
I was hammered out by the fire

In the light i was frozen stiff
Exposed in my misery
I was broken and awoken
By the nightmare of history

If you don’t play the game
Then you’re sure to lose
If you’re gonna live or die
You better be the one to choose

It’s a chain reaction
When you turn the other cheek
Remember if you’re looking for action
And you’re feeling dull and weak

Steel sharpens steel
Steel sharpens

In the crowd and behind my back
I can hear what they say
I’ve been beaten and defeated
But I’m fighting for a better day

It may be hard to believe
But i stay strong for you
Sometimes i have my doubts
and i don’t know what to do
Track Name: Blood from a Stone
All damn day i been waiting on line
But i missed a paper so the SNAP declined
I can’t tell if I’m doing it to myself

Well not for nothing but let’s lay bare
What’s got us sitting down on the kitchen stairs
It’s the same fight I’ve been having my whole life

But i won’t cry
Cuz i should have known
That to get some comfort from your aching heart
Is blood from a stone

It's hard luck living and I just make do
But if one thing goes the rest follows suit
What do you expect when you're living check to check

All my days been a cycle on loop
Or so it seems and maybe you’re the proof
You’re not there and it’s more than i can bear

But i won’t cry
Cuz i should have known
That to get some comfort from your aching heart
Yeah won’t cry
Cuz with you I'm so alone
There'll be no comfort for my aching heart
It's blood from a stone
Track Name: Unfound Manifest
Today i saw another photograph
Worse than the last and i just couldn’t back off
I mouthed the name, ashamed what i’d discovered

Tears in my eyes i had to look away
Things just dissolve day by day
In an ocean of pain, pulling the weary under

Sinking in the dark water
Fighting back against the tide
Can’t hold on much longer
when the salt begins to rise

The trawlers lonely that dredge the sea
have more in their nets than gilt-head bream

And below the waves they rest
A wooden ship from tripoli
With an unfound manifest

I’m in my head and i’m feeling false
But in my little way i’m mourning the loss
Half a world away, i get back under the covers

Time outside is moving slow
When i’m going down i’m diving solo
I just can’t explain how the sky loses its color

just say a name (a name)
just say the words to me
I’ll break down, i’m trying desperately
To find something here to redeem
is it my mind or just everyday tragedy
Track Name: Silver Line
I cried all night but it’s not that simple
With you and me there’s always a wrinkle
I’m in such a bind and giving up
So hand me the bottle and pick up the cup

You know i’m looking for the
Silver line to guide but it pays no mind
I’m making it
Day to day but can something please turn up my way
I don’t know if i can take much more
I need a reason to restore/open up the door

Well there’s a picket line down in west virginia
The bosses caved but wildcats continue
Today my job said to not come back
So now i’m striking for nothing with no contract
Track Name: Hardly to Blame
We talked on the phone
It was so hard to say goodbye
You were moving on
You had plans for the night

I was walking alone
When it started sinking in
It hurts in my heart and bones
All’s fair, but it’s not a war
I bet ya think you’re

Hardly to blame
But i know you
I tried to love ya
I tried to tell ya
I tried and tried and tried yeah

At 15th and moore
Is where i started to trip
When you caught me at the door
I swore
I just can’t take it all the time

I’m having some trouble
All i see are landmarks of you
And now the city’s a puzzle
That i can’t solve cuz its not true
I bet you think you are
Track Name: Cold Sword
When i was a girl
I did my best to hide
We all had to run for cover
From my father and his drunken pride

He’d leave us alone
But never for too long
He’d beat up on my mother
And tell us he’d be the only one

How could i learn to love
From somebody so abusive?
I pulled back and went away
To nurse my hearts bruises

Today i got the news
That his heart gave out
I know i’ll never have another
But what father darkens his own house?

Well i heard what they say
That family’s not for choosing
Is closure real? Will i find peace?
Or is it just an illusion

All i know is it’s on me
To battle on even in my grief
We can't decide who lives or dies

It’s a cold cold sword
It’s a closing door
And what could have been with time on my side

It’s a bright red sound
And try as i might to shut it all out
Now i see that life is all mine

He always let me know
How i let him down
It’s so painful to remember
But it’s all the same and he’s not around
Track Name: Chopping Block
Between the parties there’s no light
We need workers to unite

We can decide to have another world
But we're gonna have to fight

It’s our last chance

Destroy the part that hates yourself
We deserve more than the dealers dealt

Never had nothing my whole life
Why not put my foot down
Why not try to turn it around

Let's put em on the chopping block
The final hour strikes clock
They need to pay
They owe us our back wage

Forget about what’s common sense
We’re a threat and it’s their defense

There’s no time left to compromise
Remember why we labor
Everything’s on the table

Yes they need to pay
The stakes are grave
They can't be saved
Need to fade away
Track Name: The Right Stuff
I'm the biggest one in the crowd
and I don't say it much out loud

But eyes stare and people turn
My heart starts to race and my face burns
Try and say what's best for me
I wish that theyd stop I can't guarantee

baby I've had enough

Cuz I got the right stuff
The right sound
The right changes baby have no doubt
I tell ya now it's divine
I used to keep my eyes shut
My head hung low
Still raising hell but I let it go
It's timeless
I tell ya now it's divine

My body is a shield
And it's still the one I wield

I don't care what they see
Cuz I think of beauty differently
If you're worried about my health
Shut your mouth and keep it to yourself
Track Name: The Killer
Shaking hands on the senate floor
Closing deals and pushing for more
He’s got a plan to win their hearts and minds yeah
It’s the same old crook
He’s taking a page out of Henry’s book
Gonna write them off before the people get the chance
To rip it up and throw it out

Well that's just what killers do
They salt the fields so it never blooms
if a flower grows then it can't be long
Before they make their ploy
And arm the Contras or bomb Hanoi
If Freedom rang he'd be calling from the Hague
So while he's got an empty cell

The cold war never ends
(its the killer, its the killer, its the killer yeah)
It all starts over again
(its the killer, its the killer, its the killer yeah)
He’s got you right between the eyes
(its the killer, its the killer, its the killer yeah)
Waving the flag for human rights
(its the killer, its the killer, its the killer yeah)

When does a killer die?

The Killer

So many people that are born to lose
In a broken world that only turns to
Grind them down until they turn to smoke
It’s what I see
The pigs doing work for the company
I'm breaking out but the cycles never done
Track Name: Keep on Runnin'
On my back
They wanna see us fall
Decay, decay, decay
But i hear a distant call

Keep on runnin’

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